The Best Thank You Pages Will Say More Than ‘Thank You’: 4 Tips to Optimize Your Thank You Page

A thank you page in many cases will be one of your first chances to connect with a new lead. We see these pages every day, after purchasing or downloading something, but are they being used to their potential?

There’s only one thing for certain – the best thank you pages will always say more than just thank you.

In this article, we’ll show you what a thank you page is, why it’s important to have one, and 4 tips on how to optimize your own to increase engagement and drive leads down your sales funnel.

What is a Thank You Page?

Simply put, a thank you page is the page that pops up after someone fills out a form on a landing page or completes a goal (like a purchase) when visiting your website. Thank you pages are often overlooked but are a great way to generate more engagement with your prospect and lead them towards the next step of the buyer’s journey.

A great thank you page should always be sure to say so much more than simply ‘Thank You.’ They will lead your prospect to everything you have to offer and help nurture and build the relationship between your business and theirs.

Since you’ve already passed the initial stage of the buyer’s journey and have finally secured their attention, are you just going to dismiss them or do you want to really connect them into your business?

Most of the time a simple ‘thank you’ will cause them to leave the page immediately with no follow-up action. While you’ve got them hooked you should take the time to lead them where you want them to go next to increase their confidence, engagement and maybe get them to take another action (for example, a purchase).

Your thank you page should lead your prospect into the next steps and further into your content – inviting them to stay and get to know your company while you have their attention. Whether it is to start creating on your page, to notify you to confirm your email, or introduce your customer to what exactly it is your company does, the best thank you page practices will get you far.

The Best Thank You Pages Keep the Conversation Flowing

Your thank you page is a great opportunity to keep the conversation going with your prospect. You will want your leads to know that you’ll be in touch, customers to have what information they need to reach you, or subscribers to know what they should be expecting in their inbox.

There are a lot of ways to encourage this engagement as well, like you may want to offer a subscription to your email newsletter or add a personalized welcome video to the page. Another great way to engage further would be to suggest they follow your social media profile for your company.

You can also use a thank you page to show off internal links to other articles or content you’ve created, which helps to solidify your position as a leader in your area of expertise. Talk about a win-win!

All in all, a good thank you page should always deepen the relationship with your prospective client. Next, we’ll share a couple of good examples and best practices to help you with the foundations to build the best thank you page for your business.

Best Thank You Page Tip #1 – Lead in with a Thank You

Copy Blogger has a lengthy Thank You Page but covers their Best possible practices by offering sincere appreciation, reminding you to check your Spam folder & linking you to internal content to further explore their page.
Copy Bloggers’ thank you page is a little wordy, but they put their best foot forward by acknowledging the confirmation and giving a sincere thank you to their leads. They follow up directly in your email with content and remind you that you might need to check your spam folder to ensure their emails are received. Finally they link to more internal content on their page.

First off, the most important thing you can do is to actually say ‘Thank you’.

Not just a casual thank you that cuts off this new interaction though. You don’t need a long wordy thank you like Copy Blogger has (though I think it is a pretty gracious one) but you do want to make sure you’ve confirmed that your new lead has received their requested information. If it was to sign up for a newsletter or an inquiry you may add that you will be in touch soon and give them the frequency to which they can expect to hear from you.

The best thank you pages will not only keep this first general rule-of-thumb in mind but will use it to really open up the opportunity to introduce their company, their vision, and their dream. They will aim to bring you further into their page so you can learn more and really connect with the brand.

After all, connecting with the brand helps build a trusting relationship and will help keep your customers coming back to you.

One of the absolute best thank you page practices you can follow when making a thank you page include starting with your initial message of gratitude. This will confirm your page has processed your new lead’s information and will give a more human touch to the part of your pages virtual conversation.

Best Thank You Page Tip #2 – Let Your Reader Explore Your Content

Shopify takes the opportunity to use the chance to send you right on into their navigation tools, leading you to immediately begin work on your store, check out information about their affiliated partners, their tutorials, message boards and finally the market place, they may not have said ‘Thank You’ outright but they are still putting that page to good use.

The next thing you will want to do is send your lead to more content that they’re interested in. This seems like it should be a very simple idea but I have to admit I didn’t see a lot of it put into practice. This is VERY important because you want to make remaining on the page a top priority to a new prospective lead who may have just found you for the first time.

Now, take Shopify for an example here. They get right down to business and don’t actually even say thank you but just add a simple confirmation. They do however link you immediately right into their most visited pages so you can start getting to work setting up your store. They don’t mess around they cut right to the chase, and make sure you are taking the next step in their buyer’s journey by setting up your new online store.

As we see from this example, this strategy is as easy as simply directing them right back to your page, or further into your website. While Shopify’s example may be better suited for SaaS industries, you can include even just a simple link of follow up link to related content right from your blog. This will help keep them engaged with your brand, content & provide more value immediately.

Best Thank You Page Tip #3 – Add Some Social Sharing Buttons

A great example of the Best Thank you Page Practices from Content Mavericks where you are able to unlock an Uncut video by sharing via Twitter or Facebook.
Content Mavericks offers a great example of best thank you page practices by both confirming that you will receive a copy of the free e-book in your email, as well as offering the opportunity to unlock more free content by engaging and sharing on Twitter or Facebook.

Adding social sharing buttons to your thank you page is a great way to spread the word about the offer they signed up for. It’s also just one more fantastic way to engage your lead who may not always be in their inbox but opens the door for them to see when you post new content on your social media accounts such as new articles, videos, tutorials, and offers.

It’s likely you already have a social account for your business like Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram. If not I urge you to consider building them to help share your content and connect with the customer. You can even use your thank you page to launch off to that page or have your prospect share your offer to theirs.

Content Mavericks offers a great example of using the best thank you page practices, not only by confirming that you will receive a free copy of their e-book in your email, but they also give an additional opportunity to unlock more content (In their case, a video related to the offered content).

Only after sharing does the content unlock, and it assures that they not only took the initial step of becoming a lead but they’ve taken another step down the funnel.

Best Thank You Page Tip #4 – Add an Up-sell, Cross-sell, or Trial Opportunity

Digital Marketer offers a free 14-day trial upsell after subscribing to their email newsletter. They provide additional incentive for this free trial by adding in a limited-time bonus for additional content ($995 value) completely free.

Getting people to look at, sign up or purchase can already be hard in the deeply saturated digital market, so you should never miss the opportunity to catch your audience while they’re captive and engaged. The lead you have is already invested when they’ve given you your email, so the best thing you can do is when your thank you page takes the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot.

If your goal for your thank you page is to increase the value of your customer, then a great tactic you can use is that you can offer a discount, a cross-sell, or an up-sell. For example, you could add a deal to your e-book or maybe for full access to your content, membership site, or the program you’re offering.

Whatever it is you are looking to sell, especially if the content for sale leads into more of your content, you’ll want to set up the opportunity before they exit the page. Using this tactic also opens up the perfect time to offer the user to create an account with you, if applicable (SaaS industries).

The best thank you pages will not only have followed these kinds of core tips but will also have strong lead generation tactics in order to encourage conversions in the first place. If you’d like to learn more about lead generation tactics please follow this link right over to check out our article about Lead Generation Examples From 5 Startups we all Love.

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