5 SaaS Newsletter Examples (and 3 Tips to Create a Good One)

As a SaaS business owner, you have a lot of things to worry about – the last of which that comes to mind is probably your company newsletter. In this article, we’ll give you our top 5 SaaS newsletter examples and give you 3 foundational strategies to create your own in no time flat.

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Why is having a SaaS email newsletter important?

The benefit of using an email newsletter over traditional sales-based email blasts can best be summed up by one word – value. These emails are designed to educate and inform your audience, and allow you to develop a connection with your subscribers over time.

Users can gloss over your sales emails if they’re not currently ready to buy, but if you follow these tips they’ll never be able to resist your newsletters – which will help keep your business top of mind when the time comes.

In fact, more than 50 percent of U.S. respondents check their personal email account more than 10 times a day, and it is by far their preferred way to receive updates from brands.

You can think of this process like dating – you’d never ask for someone’s hand in marriage before you proved yourself trustworthy and reliable. Your email newsletters are like casual dates; another chance for you to show your worth and value to your subscribers.

If you’re looking for another reason, you can look no further than your competitors. Approximately 40% of B2B marketers say that email newsletters are an integral part of their content marketing strategy.

This means that an email newsletter is not just an offhand idea, it’s a necessity in today’s digital marketing landscape.

Components of a Great SaaS Newsletter

Starting your own newsletter can seem daunting to those who are new to email marketing. Before we get to the examples, let’s take a moment to identify the main components of what your newsletter should have.

Subject Line and Preview Text

By far the first and most important part of your newsletter will be the subject line. If it’s not intriguing enough, your subscribers won’t open it and all the time spent creating and maintaining your email newsletter will all go to waste.


  • Explain what your reader will find in the newsletter (topics, etc)
  • Remember to keep subject lines brief but engaging
  • Dabble with adding emoji – 56% of brands say that adding an emoji increased their open rates


  • Rely on preview text to convey the message – this can be cut off significantly across mobile devices.
  • Use a generic subject line like “123Company’s Newsletter”


Everyone needs a body, and your email newsletter is no different. The obvious difference between an email blast and a newsletter is the amount of content and topics they contain. While your email blasts should be concise and centered around one topic with one Call To Action, your email newsletters are actually the opposite.

SaaS email newsletter examples AdEspresso

While some studies say that newsletters with 200 words or less have the best Click Through Rates, you should take into consideration the habits of your subscribers to determine appropriate length. Are they busy working moms on the go with only their mobile phone and 3 minutes to spare, or are they data analysts looking for a long and thorough weekly digest?

If you’re having trouble filling all of the space in your newsletter, you can also share relevant and credible links from other blogs that your audience may find appealing. Additionally, you can highlight events your company is participating in or upcoming webinars and free resources.


  • Some research on your audience to see what topics would be of most interest to them.
  • Experiment with length, topics, and format until you get it right.
  • Use images to spotlight specific articles of interest


  • Fill your newsletters with too many ads or sponsored content. You don’t want to have a reputation for a scammy or clickbait-y newsletter.


The footer is the very end of the email – which can be just as important as the beginning. This is your chance to encourage sharing or additional actions after the user has read your newsletters. Here you can add your social sharing buttons, links to your app, or even commonly used webpages on your site. Use this opportunity wisely!


  • Ensure you give users the ability to unsubscribe from emails (it’s the law!)
  • Add links to your social profiles to encourage likes/follows/shares


  • Add anything overly complicated. Keep your footer brief and to the point.

Now that we’ve learned a bit about the fundamentals of email newsletters and what they can entail, it’s time to see how the pros do it. Here are our top 5 SaaS newsletters examples to spur your own startup newsletter ideas.

SaaS Newsletter Example #1 – Wootric

SaaS Email Newsletter Example Wootric

The words ‘Customer Experience’ haunt the dreams of most SaaS business owners, and for good reason. One study reported that CX is likely to become the most influential factor in your customer’s mind when they decide which product they’re going to stick with. Enter Wootric.

Wootric’s CX roundup contains all the topics you need to keep abreast about to stay in the game with the latest insights, trends, and innovations in the world of customer experience.

What we love most
The CX Roundup always has a variety of different types of media included – any newsletter will have links to relevant articles (text), podcasts (audio), and even links to webinars (video). Since many people prefer different types of content, Wootric ensures it has something for everyone all in one place.

SaaS Newsletter Example #2 – Profitwell

For a SaaS business owner, Profitwell’s blog and newsletter are an absolute goldmine of relevant statistics and need to know the information. Need to know about how to reduce churn rates? What about user experience metrics? B2B lead generation strategies? Check, check, and check.

What we love most
We’re not mincing words with this one – the number one thing to adore about Profitwell is the data they provide. While those new to SaaS marketing might have their heads full to the brim with acronyms they can’t understand, Patrick Campbell and his team do an effortless job of uncomplicating the complicated.

SaaS Newsletter Example #3 – Wistia

SaaS Email Newsletter Example Wistia

Wistia’s weekly content roundup is integral for SaaS marketers who plan on using video in any part of their business. While most may think of sales videos, the fundamentals shared through this newsletter can also be applied to thinks like product tutorials or demos- something every SaaS owner will need to create at some point.

What we love most
Wistia stays true to its niche. While some newsletters can be filled with content that can hardly be described as related, Wistia does a fantastic job of keeping their general theme – using video in marketing – while addressing the topic from every possible angle with relevant content from their site and others.

SaaS Newsletter Example #4 – Morning Brew

SaaS email newsletter examples Morning Brew

While Morning Brew isn’t technically a SaaS newsletter, it can be great for SaaS marketers as it encompasses a wide array of relevant market concerns. From retail shopping trends to stock updates and investment news, and even a fun crossword or two, Morning Brew takes the cake when it comes to most topics covered in a single email.

If you’re looking for something a little more niche, they have several topic-specific newsletters such as Emerging Tech Brew for tech news, Retail Brew for industry trends, and The Turnout for an intersection of politics and business.

Whatever your needs may be, Morning Brew has a newsletter for it.

What we love most
One of the things Morning Brew does best is to distill the information in the article linked and explain its relevance before you click. In an age of clickbait, this is a welcome and refreshing strategy to email newsletters.

SaaS Newsletter Example #5 – GrowthHackers

SaaS email newsletter example growthhackers

GrowthHackers is one of the most popular sites when it comes to digital marketing and growth news. GrowthHackers’ blog page is community-based, meaning that all content on their site is created and/or posted by their own users – completely free of charge. Ranging from simple topics like how to create a buyer persona to advanced topics like gamification, there truly is something for everyone in the GrowthHacker newsletter.

What we love most
Even though it’s not a traditional SaaS newsletter, GrowthHackers contains every kind of conceivable marketing content you would like to learn about for every industry. You can even submit your own articles to GrowthHackers and potentially see yourself in the newsletter, too!

Now that we’ve given you 5 great examples of SaaS newsletters, it’s onto the fun part – creating your own! Here are 3 tips you need to implement in your email newsletter strategy.

SaaS Email Newsletter Tip #1 – Know Your Audience

Most business owners expect that building the email newsletter itself is the hard part – but in reality, the hard part is figuring out what to put in the newsletter. If you want to avoid a high unsubscribe rate, the first thing you want to do is know your subscribers and what they want to know more about.

While every business should conduct research and know their buyer personas and what each stage of the inbound funnel looks like, sometimes startups don’t have the time or resources needed to conduct this out of the gate. The easiest way to get some of this information is to add questions to your subscription form to gather basic data about your audience.

Some common examples can include industry, number of employees, what they’d like to hear about, their biggest challenge, and company. This is all useful quantitative data that can be used to create your own buyer persona in the future.

You can also conduct some competitor research for ideas about your audience’s interests in the short term, which can also help to frame your overall content marketing strategy.


  • Take time to poll your audience to ask what they’d like to hear more about once you have a significant chunk of subscribers. This can help make your email newsletters more engaging and also help guide you towards what kind of content you should be creating on your blog.
  • Personalize the newsletter for your audience. If you asked what they’d like to hear more of, make sure the content is relevant to their selection. Use the audience segmentation options of your CRM to create different versions of your newsletter to increase open and CTR.


  • Make your form too long. Keep it within 5 questions max, otherwise, you run the risk of users bouncing off the page entirely.
  • Ask irrelevant questions. If you don’t need to know the shoe size of your audience to create a buyer persona, don’t ask it!

SaaS Email Newsletter Tip #2 – Send a Welcome Email

Much like a good handshake, the perfect welcome email can go a long way to ensuring your first interaction with your subscriber is a positive one. While all of the above tips we covered in the ‘Components of a Great SaaS Newsletter’ section apply here, there are a few special differences when it comes to creating your welcome email.

Since this is theoretically the first email subscribers will receive from you, it’s important to make it a good one. In this email, you want to set clear expectations of what the user will receive and when as well as give them some juicy content upfront so they don’t have to wait.

In addition, you can also use this chance to tell users how to whitelist your emails. Whitelisting is the term for when a person adds you to their address book to ensure they receive your email in their inbox. This leads to enhanced delivery for you and your emails are top of mind for them – a win-win!


  • Set clear and honest expectations for what they will receive and when.
  • Give them the ability to share it with their friends or colleagues.
  • Encourage them to add your email to their contacts or drag the email into their primary folder.


  • Make your subscriber wait. Give them a dose of some of your best content upfront to get them started. The GrowthHackers welcome email is a great example of this.
  • Make a pitch right out of the gate. Like we stated earlier, you don’t want to ask for marriage on a first date. Doing so can cause a high unsubscription rate off the bat.

SaaS Email Newsletter Tip #3 – Be Consistent

The last factor here may seem obvious, but it’s key to creating an email newsletter that users will be excited by every time they see it in their inbox.

CampaignMonitor suggests that you should send no more than two newsletters a week for best results, but in all reality, how many newsletters you send per month should ultimately depend on what you can deliver. Never sacrifice quantity over quality – if you can only release one newsletter per month, make sure to make that newsletter packed with valuable content that your audience will find irresistible.

In this article, we’ve covered what an email newsletter is comprised of, shared our top 5 Saas email newsletter examples, and have given you 3 tips you need to implement to make your newsletter strategy is on point.

Do you have any favorite SaaS newsletters we haven’t included? Let us know in the comments below!

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