6 Successful SaaS Facebook Ad Examples


The SaaS (or Software as a Service) Industry is a rapidly growing vertical. Now more than ever businesses are looking at alternative ways to help increase workplace efficiency by introducing irreplaceable tech into their marketing stack.

In 2020, COVID-19 has made this niche even more popular. By some estimates, 52% of the labor force is now working from home which means that SaaS businesses have experienced a huge shift in growth from teams switching to remote work environments.

So how do you as a SaaS business owner ensure your Facebook ads stand out from your competitors in a market that’s more competitive than ever before?

With SaaS industry growth ‘on the rise’, our team has curated the top 6 SaaS Facebook ad examples from a wide range of software companies and objectives to show you how to create eye-catching (and high-converting!) ads.

SaaS Facebook Ad Example #1 – Adobe

Adobe is a well-known company that produces two popular products Photoshop and Illustrator. But did you know they own over 50 computer software products in digital media, marketing, publishing, and printing industries? Adobe sure has changed over the past few years, and you can see that reflected in their SaaS transition.

Originally, if you wanted to purchase one of the many Adobe products you would need to purchase the entire suite – making it largely inaccessible to those who were unable to deal with the $1,000 (and up) price tag.

To combat this issue, Adobe converted to a unique pay per product SaaS model that allows the user to purchase a solo product or bundle several together – allowing them to capture more leads than ever before and convert those who could not have purchased from them before.

Given Adobe’s legendary status in the SaaS industry, we chose to go with their ad for Adobe Spark.

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Posted by Adobe Spark on Saturday, May 16, 2020

Adobe Spark is a handheld editor that allows you to create videos, memes, newsletters and more for your business. It’s a simple top use platform that many small businesses or solopreneurs can use to create their own content and thereby reduce the load of their graphic designers.

What we like about the ad:
The ad itself breaks the product down into easy steps with a short video. In addition, it’s also optimized for users with their sound off. This is important as nearly 85% of users watch a video with no sound at all.

If you follow the link, you’ll be redirected to register for a 2-month free trial, which is an incredible offer for interested leads. Overall, the ad is quick and to the point and showcases a truly compelling CTA which are essential qualities for high-converting Facebook ads.

SaaS Facebook Ad Example #2 – Atlassian

Our next SaaS Facebook ad example comes from Atlassian. Atlassian is an Australian enterprise software multinational that develops products for software development, project management, and content management. In simpler terms, It’s a SaaS company that helps bring your team together with apps you can tailored specifically to streamline your workflow.

How did we learn this? Actually, by their ad.

Our new Jira plugin lets you respond to tickets right where you code.

Posted by Atlassian on Thursday, January 9, 2020
The Atlassian SaaS company did have a lot of videos but we chose to recognize the forward ad for the update to their Jira App. It allows marketers and designers to be able to answer customer interactions in the same window they might be coding in. Eliminating the mess of tabs some of us might have across our browsers bogging us down. The ad straight-forward showing you the new design & links right into the free trial.

What we like about the ad:
What we thought was a great Ad for their SaaS product though was the ad for the newer update of their most popular app, the Jira plugin. This new update allows you to modify your code and respond to tickets on the same page instead of popping from tab to tab. Their ad is an upfront image which case the visual of the new layout and platform as well as links you directly to the platform update to try it out yourself for free. We love free trials naturally, it’s a great chance to try a product without the risk that comes with paying upfront.

SaaS Facebook Ad Example #3 – SEMrush

Our next winner comes to us from a company called SEMrush. This Saas industry tool helps with content marketing by tracking the organic position of a landing page or URL on Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages), copies of AdWords ads and their positions, CPC ads, and competitor analysis.

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Posted by SEMrush on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

What we like about the ad:
The ad Itself is a 30-second informative video of all of the SEO tracking that SEMrush covers in a quick infographic style presentation. It ends with the offer to try it out for free before you buy it, which increases their top of funnel conversions instead of going directly into sales. This ad is successful because they utilize colorful infographics through the animated video, and right into the product link to capture your attention while you’re scrolling by. It’s quick, informative, and to the point. By using video instead of a boring stock photo, SEMrush manages to catch the attention of their audience ensuring they stay with the video until their free trial pitch.

SaaS Facebook Ad Example #4 – HubSpot

Our next SaaS Facebook ad example is every marketer’s best friend – Hubspot. HubSpot is a marketing automation software that allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to manage and support their marketing efforts, sales processes, and the needs of their clients all within the same dashboard.

In addition, they also have a fantastic educational series on every single topic you could imagine – and it’s a regular goldmine for information about inbound marketing. when you view the ad below, it’ll be easy to know why we picked it.

A CRM made for the way people sell today.

Posted by HubSpot on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

What we like about the ad:
The Hubspot ad knocked it out of the park by using the words that will get almost anyone to sign up – “100% Free, Forever.” With an ad like that some won’t even hesitate to follow that link to go check out what they offer. When following through to their page, you’re redirected to a signup page which includes the CTA at the top of the fold. Beneath that, Hubspot quickly highlights their main value props and ends with powerful customer testimonials. While some marketer5s may only focus on their ads, Hubspot proves a solid landing page (and incredible offer) is equally important in the signup process.

SaaS Facebook Ad Example #5 – SurveyMonkey

For our next example, we turn to SurveyMonkey – an online survey development software that allows users to easily create and send surveys, collect and store data, and produce reports. If you want to decrease churn and increase customer happiness, you need to be collecting and reporting on user feedback to your development teams.

Discover agile market research with SurveyMonkey Expert Solutions

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Posted by SurveyMonkey on Wednesday, April 22, 2020
While SurveyMonkey definitly had a longer video than some of these previous examples, they were very thorough and to the point so you know exactly what you’re getting into and what it will do for you, this highlights WHY you should use SurveyMonkey for your SaaS Feedback solution.

What we like about the ad:
While the SurveyMonkey SaaS Ad video is quite a bit longer than some of the other examples we’ve noted earlier in this article, it really gives you some insight into what they do and how it will help you as a developer or business owner. This was the key to making it a great ad.

SaaS Facebook Ad Example #6 – Wix

Our final SaaS Facebook example comes from Wix. Wix is a web-basedthat gives you the freedom to create, design, manage, and develop your own website without any help from a developer. This allows you to control your web presence exactly the way you want by giving you an easy to use drag-and-drop editor or using one of their pre-made layout templates.

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Posted by Wix on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

What we like about the ad:
One of the best things about the Wix ad was their lead in – offering something of value straight out of the gate. Given that the current digital marketing landscape is fairly clouded by the current pandemic, Wix is offering some critical information to help agencies navigate the rest of 2020. This level of sincerity and dedication to educating their audience (instead of a cold sales tactic) is key to building trust with prospects and fueling your top of funnel with high-quality leads.

In this article, we’ve covered 6 SaaS Facebook ad examples from some of the most successful businesses around the globe. By following all the points listed in this article, you’ll be able to successfully create and optimize your Facebook ads for the most conversions.

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