8 Instagram Giveaway Examples To Be Inspired By

Instagram Giveaway Example

If you want to collect leads, connect with new customers, and generate massive hype around your brand, there are few strategies as effective as an Instagram contest or giveaway.

Instagram giveaways can get the blood pumping and the engagement flowing like little else, which is one of the reasons why they’re such a popular social media marketing strategy. These giveaways are often successful at increasing your brand’s visibility, getting lead information, and getting people talking about your brand in exchange a prize that’s small in comparison to what you gain.

Interested in hosting your own giveaway or contest and need a little inspiration? Take a look at these eight successful Instagram giveaway examples that you can adapt and use for your own brand. 

1. Sketcher’s $100 Gift Card Giveaway 

Shoe company Sketcher’s recently launched an Instagram giveaway that was straightforward, offering a $100 company gift card to the eventual winner. They required users to follow the brand, comment “SNAKE,” tag two friends, and to like the post. 

Cash and gift card prizes aren’t the right fit for every giveaway, but they work here. Sketcher’s has a wide audience base, which is one reason why their $100 gift card worked so well as a prize here. It’s still specific to their company, so only customers or potential customers would be interested, and they wouldn’t waste $100 cash on someone who would never convert

That being said, it’s still preferable to offering a single product, like a pair of women’s shoes, that could end up isolating other members of their audience (including men or those who only buy the shoes for their children). 

There are a few additional smart strategies that Sketcher’s employed here. First, they only ran the contest for 24 hours. For a brand this large and with a prize so appealing to their followers, they leveraged urgency to drive results quickly. They also used product tagging in the image, so that anyone who was brought to the post by a friend’s tag and who liked the shoes could click to see where they could purchase them.

This contest was lightning fast, but it’s a great example of a flash giveaway that drove a ton of engagement very quickly.

2. Rose & Boom Boutique’s Gift Card Giveaway 

Another gift card giveaway, Rose & Boom Boutique offered $50 as a potential prize, showing that brands who are on a tight marketing budget can still get a lot of traction with $50 or less in offerings. 

Their requirements are relatively standard: Like the photo, and tag friends they think will be interested (which is superior to simply asking them to tag anyone). 

Here are a few things that this contest does really well:

  • They offer bonus entries in exchange for users sharing their story and tagging them. This one is a little tricky, because private profiles can do this but the actions won’t be tracked, putting them at a disadvantage. Still, those users’ audiences will see the share and it can drive incredible visibility, so it’s still a worthwhile strategy.
  • They’ve got their hashtags in great form, including #giveaway, #giftcardgiveaway, #contest, #boutiquecontest, and more. If users happen to be looking for a giveaway of some sort, this could help put the brand on their radar.
  • Their image is simple but noticeable and will jump out in the feed. “It’s Giveaway time! March Giveaway” is effective, and it’s sure to catch users’ attention. 

3. Olives & Grace Partner Collaboration 

Olives & Grace recently put together an outstanding Instagram giveaway by partnering up with local-to-them businesses in Boston to create an incredibly high-value reward. 

This reward includes gifts from each partner, including an overnight stay for two at a nice hotel, two $50 bar tabs, take-home brews, gift cards for dining out, and local gift boxes from Olives & Grace themselves. That’s a great prize, and it’s no surprise that this giveaway started gaining traction quickly. 

Instagram giveaways are great on their own, but collaborating with partner businesses is often a great choice for everyone around. You can require that participants follow each brand participating (which Olives & Grace does here), and then come together to create a powerful and enticing prize that’s hard to resist. 

When using this strategy, make sure that you’re tagging your partners in the contest so that they get visibility and it’s easy for people to click over and follow them, too. You can also ask them to promote the contest on their own pages.

4. American McGee’s Giveaway to Promote Upcoming Products 

American McGee’s recent giveaway was a genius move. They offered five winners the chance to receive a not-yet-released, brand new enamel pin set. The giveaway drew a ton of attention because it leveraged exclusivity and scarcity, getting users excited. There was no way to get these products outside of the contest yet, which had their attention. 

Though the pins hadn’t been released at the time the contest was posted, the brand made sure to mention that they would be available soon. This giveaway got people excited and engaged in the new designs, effectively creating hype before they even rolled out.

5. Lavie’s Pop-Quiz Styled Giveaway 

Lavie Bags & Shoes took a slightly different approach than the standard giveaway, which often focus on “follow, like, tag.” In this giveaway, users had to comment where a picture of their bag was taken in order to have a chance to win. 

This is a different approach, but it’s an effective one. People want to test their own knowledge and see if they’re right, and there are plenty of people who don’t necessarily want to tag their friends in hopes of winning a prize. 

It’s also interesting that this giveaway promises “a surprise goodie.” There’s no information about exactly what it would be or the value of it, but the intrigue works for this company and this giveaway.

6. Under 25 Dictionary’s Humor-Driven Giveaway 

Under 25 Dictionary’s giveaway was centered around humor. The contest itself was funny (“Things you shouldn’t say at a wedding”), and it encouraged users to share their own wicked sense of humor for the chance to win tickets to a comedy festival. 

In order to participate, users were required to tag three different friends, but the company promised that “the best ones will be picked.” This ensured that users put effort into their entry, getting excited about it and invested in the process. The more excited users are, the more likely they are to share, and the more attention the giveaway can get.

7. Fulltime Foodie’s Influencer Campaign 

The Fulltime Foodie is a micro-influencer in Canada who has a set number of engaged followers. A local-to-them tea and candle company partnered up with the Foodie, who then created a giveaway on their own page.

Sometimes it makes sense to let local or niche-industry influencers to take the reigns. If they promote your product through a giveaway, it’s a great way to introduce your brand or product to their audience. While you may have to offer up the small prize, you can gain a massive amount of attention while building brand awareness, and you’re not the one who has to manage contest entries and declaring a winner.

If there’s an influencer you can partner up with, this is a strategy to consider.

8. Tingey’s Muskoka Lifestyle’s Lead Generation Giveaway 

This microinfluencer recently hosted an Instagram giveaway that wasn’t sponsored or endorsed by any way, offering up a bottle of wine as a relevant prize for eligible participants of the legal drinking age.

One thing that Emily Tingey does here, however, that we haven’t seen yet is that she’s leveraging the prize in exchange for email sign-ups. She’s clearly looking to increase blog readership and subscribership, and she’s using what’s likely an extremely cost-effective prize to do so. 

While you need to be particularly careful with restricted prizes (including alcohol in many areas), the strategy works. Even if you aren’t promoting your own product, you can use Instagram giveaways to collect lead information. Contest software like ShortStack and Wishpond can help, allowing you to create designated contest landing pages that you can link to in your Instagram bio.

Conclusion: What You Can Learn From These Instagram Giveaway Examples

Instagram giveaways and contests offer enormous potential for brands of all kinds. Even if you’re struggling with your current follower count or aren’t exactly on a high-engagement streak, giveaways can give you valuable momentum that can benefit you significantly.

Fortunately, Instagram giveaways are also relatively flexible, and there’s plenty of room for creativity. Consider what kind of prizes, giveaway requirements and rules, and even themes your target audience would get excited about. There are different types of giveaways, and as long as your audience’s interested are at the center of your strategy, you’ll be in good standing.Want to learn more about Instagram giveaways and how to leverage them for your business? Read our recent Instagram Giveaway Guide!

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