25 Inspiring Instagram Ad Examples


Feeling stuck while trying to come up with ideas for Instagram ads? If you’re looking for a huge selection of inspiring Instagram Ad examples, look no further!

We’ve collected ads across a variety of industries and niches in order to bring you the top examples of advertisers who are creating engaging ads on Instagram.

Creating high-converting ads is all about engaging users through brilliant and strategical Instagram Ads and targeting an audience that would love the product or service you’re offering.

You might think Instagram is for teens only and worthless to your business, but you’d be wrong – and we’ve got the facts to prove it.

Why You Should Create Instagram Ads

Currently, there are 1 billion Instagram users every month with 63% of Instagram users logging in at least once per day! In addition, 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily and spend an average of 28 minutes on this platform daily.

Since Instagram started hiding likes, 41% of Canadian content creators said that engagement had dropped, but this only means that creating a better and powerful Instagram content that inspires engagement is more important than ever!

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Instagram Photo ads examples
  • Instagram Video ads examples
  • Instagram eCommerce ads examples
  • Instagram Carousel ads examples
  • Call-To-Action Instagram ads examples

Ready to get inspired? Let’s get into it!

Instagram Video Ad Examples

Instagram Video Ads are those you will surely pick to capture customer’s attention! Not only on Instagram but with any other social channel you choose to promote your service.

Why? Easy…they are direct, short, and allow you to show off your product or service effortlessly.

Instagram had a 15-second limit for videos, but they’ve reviewed that rule. Videos can be up to 60 seconds long, giving you the opportunity to express yourself more clearly than before.

Many advertisers use the Instagram Video Ad format so they can promote membership deals, highlighting the various products included in that deal, or giving tons of detailed information about a product or a service and capturing people’s attention with trust.

So, let’s get inspired and check how these brands solidified their intention and get the idea of how a compelling video ad should work.

Aaptiv App

Who doesn’t hate cardio? This ad reels you in by engaging with the emotional state of those who are just trying to break into fitness but who are having a hard time. Within seconds, you immediately know what the ad is about even without tons of explainer text.


Their intent came straight out in 2 seconds leaving an impactful message about their service! You already understand their message: what that product/service offers and how it will affect your life by shaping your body.


If you have a product that’s a bit harder to conceptualize, you can take some hints from how TopHatter advertised these products.

These top 3 Instagram video Ads we just overviewed are mainly flashy and short, presenting their service or product in a very effective way! Of course, there are many other types of Instagram Video Ads which could be a little longer, but this doesn’t mean they are less effective than short and flashy ones.

Longer Instagram Video Ads are simply delivering more information about a product or a service by giving you more time to discover further details and make you think if it fits and suits your needs or if it satisfies your expectations.

Others simply deliver a strong message making you truly dream and you will love it in no time! just like in this one below!

Didn’t you just feel and believe in the same message they delivered? If so… you are already dreaming of having a Jeep!

Now we’ve checked out some of the coolest Instagram Videos that scored people’s attention, ready to check out some of the coolest eCommerce ads examples!

Instagram Ads for eCommerce

Since Instagram became the new “Home” for brands, it’s no surprise we can find many big eCommerce companies or startups floating through your Instagram feed.


Staples Instagram Ad

Who doesn’t love them and who doesn’t need suppliers? Stack. Mix and match. Rearrange. However you organize, cut the clutter with colorful @Poppin products!

Staples’ language has been creatively thought out to benefit you by imagining, in a storytelling way, how you would love to reorganize your personal space with their beautiful products!


Macys Instagram Ad

Fresh, clean and elegant. Macy’s simply pointing out their new line of Pantone cosmetics bursting out of a wonderful bouquet.


giltman Instagram Ad

Even if you aren’t a fashion expert, it’s easy to see the crisp appeal of the items above! the color stands out against the Instagram background and makes it even easier for your target to stop on your ad.


@Colourpopcosmetics Instagram Ad

Easy, quick, and pink! “ColorPop” started in Los Angeles by two siblings Laura and John Nelson. They gave a twist to their Ads creating eye-catchy cosmetics, and using stunning imagery like what was shown above!


Chiara Ferragni collection Instagram Ads

Forbes has ranked her first of “Top Fashion Influencers list” back in 2017 and with her 1.3MLN followers, she has become a real Italian entrepreneur ruling on Instagram!

Of course, e-commerce Ads can be done with singular picture format or throughout a carousel one. Let’s check more about Carousel Ads!

Carousel Instagram Ads

An Instagram Carousel Ad can have from 2 up to 10 images and/or videos that users can easily view by swiping through one to the other!

This is no doubt a great way to showcase your products, especially if you have a catalog you want your audience to peek and follow for more!

Let’s check out some of the coolest and engaging ones that just make you want to swipe to the next one!


Drivemaven sells “The experience” of their product delivering it through a carousel ad, and all by showing a normal drive with friends with some music, making you identify yourself in that same experience.

Carousel ads are just perfect for selling experiences.

Varo Money Inc

With their engaging carousel ad, they spread their value in an “all-in-one” solution concentrating on being a brand revealing, other than only concentrating in raising a brand awareness.

Since carousel Ads were launched, they’ve been proven to be effective in increasing sales. In fact, according to a Digiday article, statistics show that carousel ads outperform regular ads on Facebook or Instagram. They can drive 10 times more traffic in just three months.

Instagram Photo Ads

Let’s check out how some of these companies utilized photo ads and CTAs to increase their Instagram results!


nyquildayquil Instagram Ad
nyquildayquil Instagram Ad

They’ve for sure done their homework! Just by pointing out your buyer persona’s interests; this image will capture their attention in less than a second! It’s all about knowing your buyer persona’s passions and interests, showing that your product is just the right fit for them. Dayquil drove their attention in an instinctive way with this ad.


idsarrieri Instagram Ad
idsarrieri Instagram Ad

Lace – not just for lingerie? Well, I think they’ve said it all! What else could have been added? Oh, yeah… let you dream by escaping to a perfect paradise with the perfect bathing suite!


Laughingbone Instagram Ad
Laughingbone Instagram Ad

Reaching out dog lovers in no time by not only double taping and wearing their tees, showing the world you love dogs, but you’re actually helping them too! They’ve already caught me!


Walmart Instagram Ad
Walmart Instagram Ad

I love Walmart! And by talking about dog lovers… “Pawdorable” is just the coolest adjective they could have ever picked to describe their amazing “doggy” cookie jar! For sure, it’s a perfect Instagram-centric branding!

Instagram Ads with CTAs

CTA buttons are everywhere on Instagram ads. There are so many types to choose from, letting users easily click and land on an online shop, a website, or a landing page.

Maybe you’ve already noticed some in the above Instagram Ads examples, but let’s check out more!

Instagram CTA on Ads - Learn More
Instagram CTA on Ads – Learn More

CTA – Install Now!

Instagram CTA on Ads – Install now
Instagram CTA on Ads – Install now

CTA – Shop Now!

Instagram CTA on Ads – Shop Now!
Instagram CTA on Ads – Shop Now!

CTA – Sign Up!

Instagram CTA on Ads – Sign Up!
Instagram CTA on Ads – Sign Up!

CTA – Book Now!

Instagram CTA on Ads – Book Now!
Instagram CTA on Ads – Book Now!

See how many?

Now that we’ve looked through 25 unique Instagram ad examples, are you ready now to work on your Instagram ads?

If you’re looking for other help with Instagram marketing, check out our other article “Instagram Bio Ideas to make that 100% killer first impression”. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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