How to Instantly Use Facebook Live Marketing (And 12 Ideas To Get Started)

Artist Andy Warhol once said that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” With a solid Facebook Live Marketing strategy, we argue, those 15 minutes can be a lot more.

The good news is that setting up your live broadcast on Facebook is as easy as eating a piece of cake! In this article, I’ll show you how to successfully go live on Facebook in minutes and how to optimize your video content for your business niche.

What is Facebook Live & Why You Should Have Facebook Live Marketing Strategy Right Now

Released in 2016, Facebook Live allows you to go live on Facebook in a few steps, and instantly connect and engage with your fans and followers in the most authentic possible way: like a real conversation.

Video is by far the type of post that gets the most organic reach (up to 135% more than any other posts!) If you are on Facebook as much as I am these days, you’ll know that videos are everywhere – and for good reason. Facebook itself says that its algorithm prioritizes longer videos (3 min +) that inspire people to continue watching.

If you want to increase brand awareness or get more leads and sales – what better than a video you can easily create on the go where you can show your true self to your followers and potential customers? Yep, you read it right, I said on the go.

Facebook allows you to go live from your laptop or by using your mobile phone quickly and painlessly – you can choose which is the best way to connect with your audience – and yes, spoiler! – this article includes a best practices section so you can choose the best Facebook Live Marketing strategy for your business.

But what to share? Possibilities are endless but keep in mind that you need to provide quality content if you wish to stand out in a very competitive landscape. My suggestion is to keep it real – you have a great chance to show an informal side of your business and to tell your story in your own way.

Oxfam - Facebook Live Marketing Strategy

What you should aim at is producing content that will entice your followers to interact in real-time with you. You’ll able to understand what’s on their mind and answer any burning questions they have but never had the opportunity to ask in a more formal context.

It can also be a good chance to reach followers and potential customers around the world – you can use location settings to segment your audience or boost your post after the live session to a larger audience.

How To Set Up A Facebook Live Session

The first step you need to take to move your Facebook Live marketing strategy to the next level it to learn how to set up your live broadcast.

Either if you use Facebook Live from your laptop or mobile and wish to go live from your page, just go on the main tab of your page and click “Live” – it’s located above the “write a post…” section.

Facebook Live Marketing - Go Live from your Page

Then, after you give Facebook permissions to use your camera and mic, you’ll see the Facebook Live interface from where you’ll be able to change the page you’ll stream from, setting up age or location restrictions, choosing if showing your face or screen sharing and go live directly.

If you are on mobile, you’ll have easier access to themes, an option you can use to add visual effects to your Facebook Live session, but in both cases, you’ll be able to add a description for your broadcast and add a poll for your viewers to boost engagement.

Facebook Live Marketing - go live from Mobile

If you are using Facebook Live from your personal profile, the procedure is quite similar. From the Live interface, you’ll be able to control who sees your broadcast – you can set it public, your friends or only you (use it to make tests, some of the anxiety will go away after you familiarize yourself with the procedure, I promise!)

Scared? If the idea of going live in front of – potentially – many people scares the hell out of you… well I hear you. Luckily for you, Facebook has created a tool that allows you to go live or to upload a recorded video and simulate a live session.

It’s called Live Producer and it will allow you to have more control of your Facebook Live settings and to use the APIs if you’re creating a fancy video and schedule your live session.

Facebook Live Marketing - Live Producer

After you click Schedule a Live Video in the left-hand sidebar, you’ll see a pop-up form where you can select the time and date the video will go live, where the post should appear, the title and description of the live video. This option will create two posts for you: a teaser announcement and the actual live video broadcast.

Getting Started with Facebook Live

Once the technical bit is done, you need to ensure that your Facebook Live marketing strategy is successful and that nothing comes between you and your followers during the live session.

First, check your Internet connection. It needs to be stable and strong. Stable as you don’t want to be interrupted in the middle of a great Facebook Live because your line is down. Prefer wi-fi if possible, even if you are on your mobile phone. Stong as this will mean the quality of your video will be higher.

Once the connection is settled, think of your recording stage: which is the best spot to record? How do you look professional and real without investing in equipment? A few tricks can help you here: find a comfy place that faces the light, film horizontally, don’t wear glasses as they’ll reflect your screen, and try and get a colleague to monitor and respond to comments in real-time. Why? Read on!

Test, test, test! It’s always a good idea but in this case, you really need it: rehearse a few times on your profile – you can go live on Facebook choosing the “Only Me” option so you can test your settings privately.

Facebook algorithm prefers videos that are longer than 3 minutes that inspire people to continue watching, so the longer you stay on, the better. You don’t want to run out of ideas though, so make a list of the topics you want to cover and don’t look at your watch all the time. It’s still better to end sooner than to stare at the camera without anything to say. Below, we’ll give you some ideas to get started with short, medium and long broadcast, you’d just need to pick!

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A great Facebook Live marketing strategy includes engaging with your audience. Yes, this means answering comments but also saying hi once they join the session. Well, not every time, but remember to regularly say hi to newcomers and briefly explain who you are and what the live session is about. How many will depend on the length of your broadcast, we suggest doing it at least three times.

Once you have started, don’t stop! You know your business (and your audience) better than anyone but you’d still need some time to find the right combination of topic, length and time of the day to be live. Test different settings until you come up with the perfect solution. We’re here to help – get inspired by some of the ideas below!

Facebook Live Marketing Best Practices For Your Business

Now that you are all set up – see, it was so easy! – and ready to push the Go Live button (but don’t – yet!) let’s see some proven tactics you can use to build a solid Facebook Live marketing strategy and get the most out of your broadcast.

There are some best practices that will come handy no matter your business niche – we’ll start there. Then we’ll take 4 business verticals and get you 3 ideas and one example each for you to take inspiration for your next Facebook live session.

#1 For everybody

Get your followers excited about your Facebook Live sessions. You can tease your audience before the Live itself so that they’ll show up when you are broadcasting. If you’re scheduling your session, they’ll be able to subscribe to your Live notification and they’ll be informed when the session is about to start.

Even with your outline in your hands – or on your knees – don’t forget to be yourself. To connect with your audience, ask your followers to interact with you and make sure to acknowledge them when they do.

Don’t forget to let them know you are a real person. This also means embracing small errors – yep, sorry, they’ll happen. But it’s ok – smile on and get back on track. Personification strategies can also be applied here too, and you’ll be guaranteed to get the right message to your followers.

When you do end your Facebook Live marketing session, ensure you’ll leave your audience with something to do. That does not necessarily mean finalizing a sale (as the old marketing saying assert: you don’t want to ask for marriage on a first date) – you can send them to your website or to additional video content.

#2 SaaS Companies

Why host it? For the most part, SaaS companies are digital-only. Digital advertising is a tough landscape and, as you already have a presence on Facebook, you can leverage its capabilities (and real-time insights) to have a head start on the competition.

Idea #1 Take a winning post from your blog and make it a Facebook live video. You know the content is good and people have responded to it – so you can use it in another format to boost engagement on Facebook.

Idea #2 Craft a lead magnet and use it as your end-of-session CTA. Ask your viewers to click on a link to provide to get a free downloadable resource related to the content of the Facebook Live broadcast and have them sign-up to your email list.

Idea #3 Share a glimpse of your company culture. It can be a how-to video or a quick tour of your office – with this Facebook Live marketing strategy you’ll show the face behind the services your viewers are buying.

Example Atlassian hosted a short live session where one of their team members shared tips on how to use their service to improve team results. The setting is minimalist as she looks at the board and talks to the audience as she would with her teammates.

Mary Raleigh shares tips to take your team from good to great with the Atlassian Team Playbook: #AtlassianOpen

Posted by Atlassian on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

#3 eCommerce

Why host it? As an eCommerce business, you want to showcase the products you sell but also increase awareness of your brand and be top of mind when your potential customer is ready to purchase. Facebook Live Marketing sessions can help you achieve exactly that.

Idea #1 Regularly host a Live session showcasing your products. You can show how your products work in real-time and prove how valuable they are. Don’t make it a telemarketing pitch, but a friendly chat about something you are passionate about.

Idea #2 Go Live with somebody else. It can be an expert showing the benefits of your products or an influencer sharing their experience with the items you sell. Make it fun and informative, it will help show your merch’s real value.

Idea #3 Launch your new product. You can use Facebook Live to announce a new product thus creating anticipation and buzz around your account.

Example QVC UK regularly hosts Facebook Live sessions about different topics. In the example below, all makeup used in the session can be purchased on their website.

#MakeupMonday: Spring Refresh featuring tarte Cosmetics

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#4 Authors

Why host it? Facebook Lives are a great opportunity for authors to connect with their audience and get all questions from people who are not able to attend bookstore presentations. You can connect with your audience in many different ways.

Idea #1 Host a Q&A session. Readers can write questions in the comments and get answers live. Keep your laptop handy, as you’ll need to scroll through the questions.

Idea #2 Organize a Live Bookclub. Ask your followers to read a chapter of your book and read it and give your interpretation during the live broadcast. Read their comments and start a debate, you may be surprised by the results!

Idea #3 Broadcast a behind-the-scene session. Whether you are at a bookstore presentation or before a press interview, share your thoughts with your audience and take them with you.

Example Author Riley Sager hosted an AMA Facebook Live session from his home’s couch where he answered all questions about his new book.

Live Q&A

Posted by Riley Sager on Sunday, March 15, 2020

#4 Fundraising

Why host it? Facebook has a great tool for fundraisers, allowing them to get donations directly from the platform’s interface. You can use Facebook Live marketing sessions to enhance your presence and raise awareness about your cause and campaigns.

Idea #1 Raise awareness about your cause. Be passionate about what you do to make the difference and tell your followers how they can help.

Idea #2 Ask for your followers’ commitment. You can ask them to share your post or to add a Donate button to their broadcast to raise money from their live videos on your behalf.

Idea #3 Show the impact of their donation to your work. Have a member of the staff go live on Facebook to reveal how big an impact their contribution has had so far.

Example Best Friends and Animal Society regularly hosts Facebook live sessions to raise awareness about abandoned pets.

The world may seem a little scary right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are so many ways you can help others — even from your own home!Tune in now as Best Friends’ own Melissa Lipani talks about all the ways you can get involved to assist people and pets near you. -emily

Posted by Best Friends Animal Society on Saturday, March 14, 2020

What To Do After Your Facebook Live Marketing Session

Ok, your Facebook Live marketing session is over. Before you unwind (you deserve it!) there are some steps to take to ensure your broadcast is optimized for future views.

After you click on the Finish button, you’ll be able to instantly customize your video – and you should do it. First, add a custom thumbnail and captions. Both will help you to make the video more appealing to people who’ll see it when scrolling through the Facebook feed.

Then, take care of highlighting your Facebook Live video on your page. You can do that by pinning the post and make it a featured video so that it will be the first item new and returning followers will see when accessing your page. Additionally, by creating a playlist in your Video section, you’ll make it easier for your followers to find your Facebook Lives. You can also put some money behind your video to reach new people.

Agorapulse - Facebook Live Marketing

Finally, analyze results to inform your next steps and enhance your Facebook Live marketing strategy. In the Insight tab of your Facebook page, you’ll be able to find all video metrics available for videos plus peak live viewers (the highest number of simultaneous viewers for at least three seconds) and audience and engagement (when people reacted, commented or shared your video during the broadcast).

In this article, we have covered how to set up, hosted and analyze a Facebook Live marketing session and shared 12 ideas to get started depending on your business vertical.

Have you hosted a Facebook Live marketing session before? Are there any tips we have not included in the article? Let us know in the comments below!

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