The Top 11 Facebook Ads Podcasts to Follow in 2020

Whenever we create our Facebook Ads we always search for quick and relevant advice (usually written) in order to quickly execute our marketing goals. But another point of focus should be Facebook Ads podcasts.

In this post, we’ll reveal the top 11 Facebook Ads podcasts worth listening to in 2020 and what you can expect to learn from each!

Why should we follow Facebook Ads podcasts?

To make a long story short – if you’re not following Facebook Ads podcasts (or podcasts in general) you should!

There were over 550,00 active podcast shows in 2018 with over 18.5 million episodes with a wide variety of topics to suit anyone's interests. Now, these numbers reach over one million and they’re only increasing every day.

Still skeptical? Let’s go over the stats.

Statista: The State Of Podcasting

There will be more than 132 million podcast users only in the US by 2022 and more than 60% of all podcasts are downloaded through Apple’s Podcasting App!

Nowadays, there’s definitely a bigger podcast awareness, especially among younger generations.

If you check out the podcast advertising revenue from 2015 to 2021 you might even see that it would be profitable for you to start a podcast for your company one day!

Source: Hubspot

Podcasts are easy to archive and updating them is quick and easy. Podcasting could really give you the chance to convey your personality in a much stronger way since you will be presenting your information through audio or a visual format.

Now that we’ve seen some stats on podcasting and how it’s important, let’s dive through the Top 11 Facebook Ads Podcast you must follow in 2020.

  1. Perpetual Traffic
  2. SaaS Marketing Superstars
  3. Next Level Facebook Ads
  4. Facebook Ads with a Twang
  5. Marketing Lyfe
  6. The Facebook Marketing Ninja
  7. PTT: PinToTop
  8. Social Media Marketing Happy Hour
  9. The Ads Maven with Jenn Possick
  10. EU: Ecommerce Uncensored – Email Marketing, Facebook Ads, Social Media
  11. Learn Paid Media

Facebook Ads Podcast #1: Perpetual Traffic

Perpetual Traffic Podcast

Perpetual Traffic is a weekly podcast with Ralph Burns and Amanda Powell that share cutting-edge strategies on acquiring leads and sales for your business through paid traffic!

Whether you are a media buyer expert, or you still have to create your first Facebook or Instagram Ad, you’ll discover actionable strategies that you can apply right away!

Perpetual Traffic combines the paid traffic strategies developed at DigitalMarketer with Tier 11’s real-life agency experience!

You will get to listen to real stories of business owners on how they overcame struggles with digital marketing and online advertising. This can help to ensure you do not make the same mistakes for your business that they did starting out.

You’ll be able to know more about how to not only create ads with Facebook but also with Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Google AdWords, LinkedIn, and more.

Facebook Ads Podcast #2: SaaS Marketing Superstars

SaaS Marketing Superstars Aaron Zakowski Podcast

SaaS Marketing Superstars is a new podcast show hosted by Aaron Zakowski. In his series, he uncovers all the proven growth strategies hidden behind some of the fastest-growing SaaS companies!

Each episode will discuss many interesting topics such as paid ads, SEO, Content Marketing, ABM and Sales, Landing Page Optimization, Email Marketing, and how to use these strategies to generate more trial and demo signups for your SaaS business.

All episodes will have these topics discussed through interviews with SaaS CMOs, founders, and market leaders.

Facebook Ads Podcast #3: Next Level Facebook Ads

Next Level Facebook Ads Podcast

Next Level Facebook Ads Podcast is the next level you want to bring your business to!

This podcast will help you master your Facebook ads not only for those who are already creating ads, but also for those who are still starting with no knowledge on how to create Facebook ads.

Master your Facebook ads and give an edge over your competition by being part of this podcast, that will surely take your digital marketing skills to higher levels!

Facebook Ads Podcast #4: Facebook Ads with a Twang

Facebook Ads with a Twang Podcast

There are a lot of cowboys, as he states, and no cows! What a hilarious quote from this host!

The meaning is to be careful who you listen to since everyone is out there giving their point of view, but do they really know what they are talking about or have proven their skills?

For sure, he does! We would definitely recommend subscribing and following him for all his excellent, easy to learn tips you sure won’t want to miss.

He will entertain you with his charisma and host you with a warm southern accent uncovering all you need to know about how to run your Facebook Ads, how to budget, and how much you can actually spend.

All his episodes will answer your biggest questions on Facebook Ads, especially over-complicated processes, by breaking them down step by step in less than 10 minutes at a time.

Easy, quick and straight to the point! If that’s what you like, this podcast is the one for you.

Facebook Ads Podcast #5: Marketing Lyfe

The Marketing Lyfe podcast

The Marketing Lyfe podcast goal is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow through leads, traffic, and sales by giving them the best key tips to success, especially through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google platforms.

He covers many topics such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google paid ads, YouTube ads to take your business to the next level!

With all its amazing tips on marketing, you can dive in the 23-episode show and learn how to get better results with your Facebook Ads in 3 steps!

Facebook Ads Podcast #6: The Facebook Marketing Ninja

The Facebook Marketing Ninja Podcast

Manuel Suarez is one of the few Facebook certified professionals in the industry. He also has a training program website and did infinite seminars all over the world to showcase his ads skills.

After he realized how much knowledge he achieved during his years, he decided to share it worldwide in order to help people become more successful.

How? With his “The Facebook Marketing Ninja” Podcast!

We highly suggest tuning into his podcast and grab all his Facebook’s marketing insights, tips, and ideas and put them straight in use!

Facebook Ads Podcast #7: PTT: PinToTop

PTT – PinToTop Podcast

It’s time to maximize Facebook marketing for your business with PinToTop! It won’t only help entrepreneurs and experts to gain amazing business ideas, but it will also help you get to know all the marketing basics, strategies, and tactics to improve your Facebook Ads!

Ann Kristine Penaredondo is the host here, and she will help you with advice for your business privately if needed, or through quizzes she releases on her platform! So, don’t hesitate, subscribe and reach out for more answers!

Facebook Ads Podcast #8: Social Media Marketing Happy Hour

“Social Media Marketing Happy Hour” Podcast

Social Media Examiner’s podcast is all about how to be more effective with your marketing to grow your business!

You could be an entrepreneur, a solopreneur, a small business owner, or marketing leader ready to learn sales funnels, Facebook Advertising and so much more: and this podcast will still be a great fit for you.

With the “Social Media Marketing Happy Hour” podcast you will learn how to grow your email list, generate more leads and sales, and scale your Facebook Ads in just a few minutes every day. It’s a full package with successful tips in a wonderful entrepreneurial journey.

Facebook Ads Podcast #9: The Ads Maven with Jenn Possick

The Ads Maven with Jenn Possick podcast

The Ads Maven with Jenn Possick podcast will share all the hidden secrets there are behind the making of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, allowing you to understand the easiest way to scale your Facebook Ads for your unique business.

Not to mention how great her tips are in getting thousands of new subscribers into your email list and how to sell your products or services to your existing audience online. Not only she is inspiring, but she also inspires with great ideas.

Jenn Possick is a Facebook and Instagram Ads strategist, coach, and speaker for coaches and service-based businesses who want to grow an engaged email list and attract loyal clients using Facebook and Instagram Ads.

She uses her experience with Facebook and Instagram Ads and teaches it in an easy step-by-step way, not only in her “The Ads Maven show” podcast, but also in schools.

So, if you are ready to be coached and learn how to run a profitable, effective Facebook and Instagram ads, then … what are you waiting for? Subscribe!

Facebook Ads Podcast #10: EU: eCommerce Uncensored – Email Marketing, Facebook Ads, Social Media

eCommerce Uncensored – Email Marketing, Facebook Ads, Social Media Podcast

eCommerce Uncensored is a “pot of gold” of information! All you need to know about how to bring your eCommerce business sales and grow your website traffic and email list.

You will have full access to daily valuable experienced giveaway tips and techniques they’ve mastered, applying those techniques you think fits your business best.

Their podcast also teaches marketers how to efficiently apply sales funnels, analytics, email marketing techniques, and search engine optimization to their marketing strategy!

If you want to build meaningful leads and drive real traffic to your business, this podcast is the right one for you!

Facebook Ads Podcast #11: Learn Paid Media

Learn Paid Media Podcast

Uncover with Learn Paid Media all the aspects of online paid media!

Nick Banik will be your host in this podcast and for certain you want to grab all his tips and strategies! Not only he is a digital marketer with experience in managing Facebook Ads, but he knows all about Ads giving out tips on how to manage online advertising campaigns for both large and small budgets. He also specializes in Google Ads, Bing Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest Ads, YouTube advertising, programmatic display advertising and so much more!

So, if you want to know more about the advertising world and online paid media on different platforms and social media, this podcast will blow your mind!

Now that we’ve covered the Top 11 Facebook Ads Podcast to follow in 2020, what do you think?

Which of these Top 11 Facebook Ads Podcast will you follow in 2020?

Let us know and leave us a comment!

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