6 Engaging Content Marketing Examples

When we get down to brass tacks, content marketing at its core is the creation and sharing of online material. It’s putting out little ‘feelers’ into the world via the content you’ve created (often through social media pages such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like) to connect with your audience. Your piece, in which you create an emotional connection, will boost your marketing just simply by being what it is; content.

In this article, we’ll cover 6 powerful and engaging examples of content marketing and the strategies they used to become successful.

What is content marketing and how does it affect me?

When you look at content marketing, some will hesitate and assume they need a big budget for a sentimental campaign to reach its base, The purpose and best way to sell yourself on content marketing is to not over-think it, some of the simplest ideas can be the most engaging.

Successful content marketing engages the audience in a number of ways but is best put to practice when you follow some simple guidelines. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Telling powerful stories that connect with our audience
  • Being honest, open and authentic
  • Personalizing the experience where possible

Always go for quality content over quantity of content, and ensure that it’s visually stimulating. We all love visual content the same way we love all artists and art forms. We’re more compelled to share stunning imagery and things we connect with. In fact, a recent study found that 84% of people expect brands to produce content that is engaging, entertaining, and provides solutions. This means it’s not only enjoyable for your audience, but it’s also expected of your brand.

Now that you understand what content marketing is and the value it has to your business, we’ll show you 6 powerful and engaging examples of content marketing and how they are successful.

Content Marketing Example #1 – Share-A-Coke campaign

The Share-a-coke campaign started as a small campaign out of Australia with 150 names in 2011 and has since expanded internationally and remained consistent and loved for almost a decade.

We all know about this campaign. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, you can still connect with the international success of the Share-A-Coke campaign. What started as a simple but powerful idea of changing up the traditional Coca-Cola label during the summer of 2011 has grown and evolved into a massive worldwide success that we all still see traces of to this day.

It started in Australia where 150 of the nation’s most popular names were printed as labels on Coca-Cola bottles. The idea was so successful that it was adopted by the rest of the world in various ways all branding the same message; that we share-a-coke with our friends, family, and loved ones.

This is a fantastic example of content marketing. The Hashtag #Shareacoke actually sparked millions upon millions of user-generated content when people across the globe posted a picture of their coke bottles with their names them across all social media channels.

I’m pretty certain we all found a little joy when we’d stumble across our name in the markets, I know I’m guilty of sharing a couple myself.

Over the years the Share-a-Coke campaign has evolved and changed internationally with ideas such as song lyrics, teammates, and nicknames, but one thing remains the same; that each summer we’re still inclined to share a Coke, be it with each other or on social media, because of a small but brilliant content campaign that started in Australia.

You can’t buy that kind of publicity, it’s created from connecting with the content.

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Content Marketing Example #2 – Tasty’s Youtube Channel

The content of the Tasty channel started very simple cooking videos and has evolved into the largest food networking channel with 18.1 million subscribers and more than 4 billion views worldwide.

‘Tasty’ is another fantastic example of content marketing and how it worked for them. We’ve all seen these videos and maybe even shared a few ourselves. ‘Tasty’ rose to success hitting us on our most universal language; food. ‘Tasty’ is now able to roll themselves out as the world’s largest integrated food network with more than 4 billion views since it’s launch.

The videos first climbed up the ranks and into our hearts when we all shared countless youtube videos of beautiful and simplified recipes we’d like to try (or maybe try to get our friends to make for us).

Tasty publishes consistently to this day but started with short, easy to follow and visually appealing videos that have a down to earth vibe that made us all hungry for more. The viral success of each campaign made some of the simplest content connect with each of us as we used it ourselves to connect with each other.

Content Marketing Example #3 – Hootsuite’s Game of Social Thrones

Chances are if you’re reading a blog on marketing like you are this very moment, you might know who and what Hootsuite is. If you talk to anyone else, they may know of the adorable Owly mascot at best. However, one thing most people can recognize is Game of Thrones – and that’s something Hootsuite capitalized on with their Game of Social campaign.

Hootsuite did a great way of explaining that a few years ago by a campaign that not only summed up their product (a cross-platform social sharing tool) but it also applied it to one of the top shows in the word during that time – Game of Thrones.

The Game of Social campaign was a perfectly simplified way to explain to the consumer what Hootsuite was for in a way that people of all age groups can connect to, rather than a long-winded explanation of the technical components of the app.

Content Marketing Example #4 – Superdrug’s “Perceptions of Perfection Across Borders”

Superdrug’s “perceptions of perfection across borders” content marketing campaign for body positivity was an eye-opening look into beauty across cultures by requesting 18 designers Photoshop the same woman for insight to beauty standards into their country.

The Superdrug Perceptions of Perfection campaign really helped launch the body positive movement we see reflected in newer models of the same style campaign today.

The campaign began when the Superdrug online doctors contacted 18 freelance designers across the world and commissioned the artist to use Photoshop to alter the woman in the photograph to the perception of beauty for each country.

Several women were selected as designers as well, and the original campaign and saw a myriad of changes where some left her altered only slightly while other designers in some countries left the original image nearly unrecognizable.

The study did show that beauty was different across the world though that led to the conversation about Body Positivity. Since then we have seen many similar projects in the name of body positivity and it’s become a trending topic.

Everyone can connect with that because many of us are raised with a perception of our self-image based on the society in which we’re raised. It was a conversation starter and eye-opener that was covered in blogs and spread across social media all over the world when the final product was revealed.

Content Marketing Example #5 – Charmin’ ‘Sit or Squat’ app

The Charmin’ ‘Sit or Squat’ app takes a lighter look at one of our more vulnerable moments in a user-based app that guides you to and allows you to review public restrooms in your area.

A very clever and practical content marking campaign that might leave some hesitant to talk about is the Charmin’ Sit or Squat App. Practicality and humor are two of the best ways to address one of our most private moments and Charmin took it to a new level with this handy app (available on both Apple and Android phones).

Whether or not we want to talk about it, Mother Nature calls us all to “do our business” and nobody wants to find themselves in the scariest of gas station bathrooms. Introduced by the same company that made America familiar with the ‘Cha-cha Charmin’ dancing bears, The ‘Sit or Squat’ app is dancing its way in as my final example for this list.

The ‘Sit or Squat’ app is a directory app that Implies ‘Sit’ for the cleaner toilets or ‘Squat’ to avoid some more horrifying bathroom situations you might want to avoid on your pit stop. This very simple user based app allows you to report a clean or filthy restroom; It’s focused so that you follow the green or red rolls of toilet paper; red rolls represent the bathrooms you will want to steer clear of, while the green rolls will guide you to the bathroom that is the cleanest.

It relies on user participation to submit the clean and dirty public toilets in your area and it pulls your location to let you know what’s nearest to you, so your long drives are still your most comfortable in a way that is both humorous and helpful. Allowing the user to rate and interact with the app is also another way to engage the audience from a brand well known to take the topic of toilet paper and our more private moments and inject a little humor into our day.

Content Marketing Example #6 – ‘The Furrow’

The Furrow is the longest-running form of content marketing featuring farmer’s personal stories. It started as a magazine in 1895 and has expanded into a massive online archive and web-exclusive blog with to keep up with modern-day life.

One of the oldest and arguably the best examples of content marketing is John Deere’s ‘The Furrow’ Magazine. The Furrow started as a brand magazine focusing on agriculture back in 1895 and began connecting with people through telling stories.

These stories focus on the farmer themselves, rather than the equipment and provide a human element that the consumer could take away from and apply to their own operations. In fact, this has been their core formula since it’s first publishing. Today The magazine itself still ships out to more than 2 million people worldwide.

With the changes in our modern world and tech, the John Deere company has evolved through modern content marketing by taking its content and bringing it online including a large and frequently updated archive of their magazines in print as well as extending into a web exclusive blog available to the public at no cost.

The blog features more photos and a focus on a rural lifestyle which helps the reader live vicariously through the stories if they aren’t in the industries themselves but simply love keeping a garden or dream about the farm lifestyle.

In this article we’ve addressed some great examples of content marketing, and what content marketing is and how it connects your audience with your message. Hopefully, it has left you with ideas for your own content to generate and connections to make. If you’d like to learn more about content marketing please check out our blog on How to Use Competitor Research for Content Marketing.

Please, share your favorite content marketing example or campaign with us below leaving a comment.

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