5 Great Webinar Landing Page Examples That Drive Action

Your webinar landing page has a lot of responsibility. It needs to be perceived as valuable, and drive both conversions and the right registrations to your live webinar.

We already know just how powerful lead-generating machine webinars can be from Lead Generation Examples From 5 Startups We All Love, where it is revealed that webinars are one of the most commonly used lead generators among start-ups. Webinars are a powerful tool in the arsenal of marketers across many different niches for great reason.

If you have ever been in charge of a webinar from start to finish, you will understand that the importance of your webinar’s landing page cannot be understated. 

In this post, we will take a look at 5 different webinar landing pages that drive action, and what they did right. We will also recognize what they could do better. We have all as marketers suffered from the sad feelings that come after performing an empty webinar. All of your hard work and preparations, for naught!

Luckily, we have some experts that have been optimizing their webinar landing pages, and we can study what is working right now. Keep reading for inspiration to design your best webinar landing page yet!

Webinar Landing Page Example #1 – Drift

Drift Webinar Landing page
Drift builds beautiful webinar landing pages.

Drift is a conversational marketing technology SaaS that specializes in chatbots. This upcoming webinar landing page is a clear winner! This webinar starts by featuring a strong title that helps the viewer quantify the value the webinar will bring with “How to Create a Two-Day virtual event with 8,698 Attendees in Just Six Weeks”.

It breaks down the content of the webinar in 3 steps, visually guided by yellow blocks. The blue background on the webinar signup is easy to see against the white background of the landing page.

What makes this webinar landing page drive action?

  • CTA is a bold color
  • Use of arrow as a visual element
  • Breakdown of the webinar content
  • Provide value in the landing page

Overall, this landing page immediately jumped out at me as being high quality and worth signing up for. The great use of design elements and value offerings embedded in this landing page is sure to maximize the attendance for Drift.

Webinar Landing Page Example #2 – ConvertKit


ConvertKit is an email marketing automation tool, and when I came across this webinar I instantly wanted to register.

This ConvertKit webinar landing page uses contrasting colors to draw attention to the title of the webinar: Automate Your Email Funnel For More Sales in Less Time.

Design elements surround the registration for the event. The magenta wave guides your eyes to the register now section in a perfect flow.

The registration asks for just 3 pieces of information, which makes the signup process easy for a potential webinar attendee.

While this webinar landing page is light on images, it does include lots of social proof. ConvertKit added a powerful testimonial on the landing page to further prove value.

There is a bulleted summary of the webinar content on the landing page that is easy to read.

You know example what you are signing up for, so why not save your seat? This elegant webinar landing page is definitely maximizing attendees with this well-thought-out design.

What makes this webinar landing page drive action?

  • Bright colors and design elements
  • Breakdown of the webinar content
  • Social Proof
  • Countdown

ConvertKit’s upcoming webinar is beautiful and the next steps are clear. This webinar landing page will no doubt drive attendees and action!

Webinar Landing Page Example #3 – Buffer

Buffer is a social media management SaaS with an affinity for webinars as a lead generation tool.

Buffer’s webinar landing page takes a spin on simplicity with the upcoming webinar, How to sell (more) on social media.

The Buffer logo is the only visual element against the white background of the landing page. The minimalist design includes a countdown until the live webinar starts.

The event registration only asks for an email address, which could not be any easier for the viewer.

While this webinar landing page could use some more images and detailed copy, it does a lot really well.

What makes this webinar landing page drive action?

  • Minimizes distractions
  • Clear CTA
  • Countdown included
  • Easy Registration

Buffer’s webinar landing page leaves no question about the next steps, which is a strong quality.

Too much copy and an unclear path to the registration leads to a confusing experience for your potential webinar attendee.

Overall this webinar landing page could be more interesting but it does a great job simplifying the webinar sign up process and removing distracting and unnecessary elements. The landing page leads to webinar registration very efficiently, therefore maximizing attendees.

Webinar Landing Page Example #4 – Wordstream

This on-demand webinar by Wordstream follows a few of the standard best practices for webinar landing pages. We have our title above the fold, with complimentary blue with orange CTA’s.

The webinar content is bulleted and includes valuable snippets to entice your potential attendee to register. This landing page isn’t copy-heavy, but it does include social proof at the bottom.

What makes this webinar landing page drive action?

  • Minimize distractions
  • Bold use of color for CTA
  • A bulleted summary of the content

There is little distraction on this landing page, and the sign up is too easy. Wordstream could improve a few things on this landing page as well, so let’s take a moment to look for improvements.

It was a bit of a surprise to find this webinar landing page lacking images, as it has been noted extensively in WordStream’s own blog the importance of images on a webinar’s landing page.

“No one wants to look at a massive block of text. You have to use some style and flair in your page’s design. Media, like images and teaser videos, can do a lot to pull a page together.”

Brad Smith, WordStream

Images are an effective way to generate interest in your webinar and this landing page is seriously missing out on them.

The copy for this landing page could be improved, as the current copy could include more specific examples of what the webinar will offer..

This landing page is pretty good in many respects, although it could do better visually. The contrasting orange CTA in prime landing page real estate is sure to drive great results for Wordstream!

Webinar Landing Page Example #5 – AdWeek

Adweek Webinar landing page example

AdWeek is every marketer’s favorite advertising publication and has been around in some form since 1974, so it is no wonder they have mastered the art of the webinar landing page.

This upcoming AdWeek webinar landing page contrasts red, black & white. The CTA is black and is above the fold, with a summary of the contents of the webinar and the speaker’s authority.

This simple webinar landing page is beautifully designed and does well to convey the information being offered to the audience.

We know from many experts, including the team at CrazyEgg that removing unnecessary elements from a webinar landing page is important. You want to simplify the process of getting your potential attendee to the next step.

That is what makes the simplicity in this webinar landing page so powerful. We know what information is being presented, and we want to sign up for the live event.

This landing page makes that transition as easy as possible.

This landing page is visually appealing, conveys the value of the webinar, and the register CTA is in a good location on the page. I would be interested to see the results of a split test against the black CTA versus red, but overall this landing page is a winner!

A great webinar landing page maximizes your webinar attendance.

The experts in marketing know how important your landing page is and often use a common formula for every webinar landing page. These elements often include:

  • A bulleted summary of the webinar content
  • A bold CTA
  • Minimizing distractions
  • Social Proof / Countdown

Whether you opt for an elegant landing page or a simplified one, you must focus on minimizing distractions and providing value on the landing page. If your landing page is not valuable, why would anyone assume your webinar will be?

Give a little bit of useful information early on contained in easy to read bullets to maximize attendance.

Through the use of shape and color, you can direct eyes and attention to your webinar opt-in form. According to Instacart and science, complementary colors look pleasing together. You can use them to your advantage to increase further your sign-ups.

Complementary colors are located opposite of each other on the color wheel. Because of that opposition, using them on your post-click landing page will make elements stand out. “


Have you seen a great example of a webinar landing page lately? Perhaps even one using a brand new element that caught your eye? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

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